Edevate offers educational organizations, employers /enterprises and individual educators the opportunity to create an Edevate Institute as an Edevate Curator

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What will I gain?

Edevate Institutes are carefully selected groups of courses that provide a student with a structured education in a specific subject. If an Institute and collateral work experience together represent 1,000 hours of education and training, the Institute may qualify for the award of a MicroDegree and inclusion on the www.edevate.university platform.

Edevate can also manage the process of gaining accreditation for your Institute. For further information please email: accreditation@edevate.com

The courses selected can include courses provided by the Curator of the Institute and / or can be made up of third-party courses and materials that already exist in the MOOCDOM.

For Employers

For Professional Service Enterprises

For Educational Institutions & Individual Knowledge Curators

Edevate Institutes are targeted, flexible recruiting and retention tools enabling you to provide:

Essential skills training

Required to maintain a competitive edge through a well educated workforce

New employee induction

Courses that speed integration into the workplace

Custom, job-specific curriculum plans

to help current employees develop skills needed for advancement or to meet strategic needs

How does it work?

Individual courses that are assessed as to learning outcomes may be used as transfer credit towards an academic credential.

Institutes may request approval by Edevate for the purpose of recognition as formal Diploma Programs.

Institutes may also design their own final assessment tool that will be a comprehensive evaluation of the skills acquired through the Institute.

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