MOOCS & so much more

Massive Open Online Courses (“MOOCS”) offer a revolutionary low cost methodology for the dissemination of learning and by flipping their institution-centric model and creating unique value-added services Edevate has evolved the diverse universe of MOOCS and other “Open Education Resources” into a powerful user-centric, institution-agnostic credentialing platform.

Educational Alchemy™

We are acquiring knowledge from the moment that we are born. Some of that knowledge is imparted through traditional “education” but much is acquired through less formalistic experiences such as workplace learning and unassessed training programs. In the past there was no methodology by which all of our learning could be collated, assessed and effectively harnessed and Edevate is the first comprehensive curator of learning experiences whether MOOCS, traditional courses (online or on campus), employment based training & experience or formal assessments of prior learning.

While learning for its own sake is a noble pursuit most students pursue education in order to achieve career or other life goals. By providing a Universal TranscriptTM of a user’s achievements and documenting skills acquired Edevate provides a game-changing advantage in seeking employment or advancement. Edevate users can acquire and document the exact skills that they need to qualify for in-demand career opportunities and an Edevate transcript includes a unique skill-set inventory providing an invaluable tool not only for employment purposes but also for educational credentialing.

Assessment & Credit

Edevate provides efficient low cost skill assessments used and accepted by tens ofthousands of employers worldwide. By combining free MOOCS and OERs with these proprietary assessments users acquire valuable industry-focused, competency-based credentials to advance their career or stay current in fast moving industries.

Through a partnership with Excelsior College, users can leverage MOOCS and OERs to study for 30+ college-credit assessments administered at Pearson Testing Centers worldwide all certified for transfer to over 2,000 colleges and universities by the American Council for Education (ACE).

And, as a bonus, up to 25% of the credit required for a degree can be earned through documentation of prior learning experiences!

By combining these resources with other assessment-based credits such as AP examinations, CLEP and DANTES, students can start or finish a degree program or even earn an entire degree tuition & debt free. Through Edevate, users can convert learning and experience into a degree or other valuable assessed and accredited credential, truly: “Educational Alchemy”!


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