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  • The MicroDegree™ is the 21st Century Digital Credential certifying that the holder has completed 1,000 hours of education, training & experience in a designated professional discipline.
  • The MicroDegree is an open, institution-agnostic credential and can be earned by by stacking and blending different types of educational experiences using Incremental Credentialing™.
  • Complete MicroDegree programs are offered in a number of professional disciplines at Edevate University.
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The College-Level Examination ProgramĀ® (CLEP) allows you to receive college credit for what you already know, at a fraction of the cost of a college course. Once you have completed the Edevate ECAP you should be well prepared to take CLEP examinations in Math (Algebra) and English Composition.

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By completing free online courses through Edevate you can prepare to take 30+ College Credit examinations approved for credit transfer by the American Council for Education (ACE) allowing you to earn 90 or more college credits and start or complete your degree program tuition and debt free.

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